Senior Living In San Diego – Is It Right For You?

As an eight year old, I remember visiting my great grandmother in the nursing home the weekend she passed away. Even as a child, I remember the sterile feeling and being uncomfortable visiting what felt more like a hospital.  

Because we continue to hear about large numbers of Covid cases in nursing homes, my partner in Moving Towards Tomorrow, Bryan Devore and I created a campaign educating the public about senior living, where residents reside permanently versus Skilled Nursing Facilities or SNFs which are transient facilities designed to help people recover from illness or surgery. We created #THISisSeniorLiving to distinguish the difference.

Whatever your level of care may be, there is a senior community right for you. If you live independently but would benefit from an easier to maintain lifestyle, including transportation, the option of prepared meals,  and an activity schedule packed daily with new hobbies to explore, new people to meet and more, an Independent Living Senior Community is a great option feeling more like a resort a cruise ship on land than a hospital.  

When making a choice of where to live, anticipating upcoming health challenges, or considering current challenges like diabetes will help you tailor a choice for your current situation and your future. Some independent communities offer assisted living, memory care and/or skilled nursing.

Speaking with a San Diego placement professional knowledgeable about senior community and assisted living in the San Diego area is a great place to start.

If you are a senior who requires some assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), assisted living is your best option. Communities offer tailored programs and assistance based on your level of care.

Memory care communities offer different levels of care and programs to meet the needs of residents while offering activities to maintain brain health. You may see as many as three levels of care within a memory care community.

No matter where you go, we’ll work together to create a floor plan for your preferences and needs. Then we will sort through your belongings using our years of experience helping seniors move, and help you decide what to bring and what to leave behind.  

We handle all the move arrangements coordinating every detail from returning your cable box to scheduling elevators. The day before your move, we pack your belongings with the exception of what you’ll need to keep out for a comfortable stay in your own bed. The next day when the movers arrive, we’ll pack up the food in your refrigerator, your bed linens and any last minute items. By that evening, you’ll be completely unpacked and settled into your new home – the bed will be made, the pictures will be hung and your kitchen will be organized.

There is a perception that moving to a senior community is a loss of independence but the opposite is actually true. Living in a community frees you up to enjoy senior living in San Diego or wherever you decide to call home. If you are moving to be near loved ones, you can spend time enjoying company rather than getting help with tasks around the house and errands. Senior Community or Assisted Living may actually cost less than your current living situation and you’ll benefit from great food, a variety of activities and new friends. 

Fear of change or the overwhelming thought of moving and downsizing, often keep people from making a move that is likely to extend your life and help you to feel more connected which is ultimately better for your health.  

If you have a home to sell, ask about our partnership with Bryan Devore of the Devore Realty Group and the three home selling options which can help you make more money, have an easier transition, avoid out of pocket expenses and benefit from FREE move services.

Silver Linings Transitions, is a Senior Move Management company with experience recreating favorite spaces from your old house to your new home.