Selling Belongings

How to Sell Your Belongings Online

If you are already thinking “I don’t know how to sell stuff online” good that is exactly where you want to start from, here is why. Selling online is ominous and your current thinking shows respect to that fact. Learn steps to selling online and we’ll help you boost your confidence.  

Think twice before selling items on your own.

To get a general idea of value, look the item up on Ebay. Facebook Marketplace is beginning to replace Craig’s List for many reasons including safety. Learn more about the advantages.

Craigslist, eBay, and other self-selling options are time-consuming when you’re trying to process a houseful of goods. Be realistic: “The value of an item isn’t what you paid for it or how well made or special it is — it’s what someone is willing to pay for it,” warns Novack. Top 5 best apps for selling items on your own.

If there are several items of high value, consider an appraisal.

Go through the entire house; the appraiser will only come out once and is more interested in relatively large lots. Auction houses, whose goal is to sell items at the best price, are better options than antique dealers, whose goal is to get items for the lowest price, Novack says. Consignment shops will also sell items, but they tend to cherry-pick (they take fewer items) and often charge to pick items up.

Utilize a variety of resources

Estate Sales

We work with several estate sale companies. These companies will typically charge a percentage of the amount generated but there are restrictions that apply including homeowner restrictions and access to parking.

Online Auctioneers

Online auctions expose your belongings to a wider net and the sale is done in advance of item pick up. Items are cataloged and then the home is open for a period of time in order for them to be picked up.


The downside to consignment is that you’ll be required to pay the cost to bring the items to the shop. You will collect a percentage of the sales price (if they sell). If the item doesn’t sell after a period of three months, the item will be donated to charity.

When working with clients, we’ll take photos and see if a consignment shop will take the item. Some consignment shops have very specific needs and even if and item is in good shape, they may not feel they can sell it.

Online apps –

  • Letgo: Best for quick sales
  • eBay: Best for big-ticket items
  • Facebook Marketplace: Best for reaching a wider audience
  • Nextdoor: Best for local sales
  • OfferUp: Best for buyers
  • CPlus for Craigslist: Also great for reaching a wider audience
  • Poshmark: Best for selling designer items
  • Tradesy: Also great for selling designer items

The toughest part of our job is our client’s disappointment when they realize items aren’t worth what they once were.

The reality is we are living in a society where the growing population of seniors is overtaking the younger populations. There is only a market for an item if it is desirable to others and younger generations tend to lean towards minimizing.

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