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Your Guide to Downsizing

Part 1 of “Do you own your stuff or does your stuff OWN you? ”Determine why you’re holding onto your stuff and what would be possible for your life if you let go. Most of us use 20% of what we have 80% of the time. How do you WANT to live?

Remember: Break projects down into manageable pieces. Start with the easiest tasks first. Momentum will help. “Perfect” is the enemy of done. Use stickers to visualize your project. Try the 10 minute “Trash Bag Tango”. Set your timer and do a bag of trash and a bag for donations.

To determine an item’s value, look up SOLD items on

Part 1 of “Do you own your stuff or does your stuff OWN you?

Part 2 of “Do you own your stuff or does your stuff OWN you?

Part 3 of “Do you own your stuff or does your stuff OWN you?

Part 4 of “Do you own your stuff or does your stuff OWN you?

Ways To Pare Down

There are many resources and tools to help downsize, clean and organize your belongings. Whether you are looking to donate or sell your items, paring down will help make room in your new smaller place. 

  • Give your belongings away
  • Donate items to organizations who need them.        
  • These organizations will pick donations up from your home:
  • Estate Sales – Restrictions apply. There has to be enough value for a company to hold an estate sale and you have to live in a home conducive to holding one. Estate sale companies can often be booked up for months.  Commissions run between 40-60%. 
  • Garage Sales – Consider whether the investment in time is worth the return.
  • Liquidation/Buy Out – A liquidator will offer pennies on the dollar for what remains in the home. The items they sell will offset the costs involved with packing and clearing out the home (including unsaleable items).  In some cases, you will pay the liquidator. If you own collectibles, there are several ways to value and sell them.
  • Free Cycle/Curb Alert – Craig’s List or
  • Online Auctions – You can organize this on your own through a company like MaxSold or you can hire a third part (like Silver Linings Transitions) to hold the sale for you. There are less restrictions and the client doesn’t pay commissions though they do pay for the hours worked.
  • Facebook Marketplace is beginning to replace Craig’s List for many reasons including safety. Here’s an article about the advantages.
  • Online Apps – eBay, Craigslist, 5 mile, Letgo, Offer Up, Mercari,
  • Photo Organization/Scanning
  • Collectibles – If you own collectibles, there are several ways to value and sell them. To get a general idea of value, you can look at eBay to see if others like it are selling and for what amount. If you can’t find answers there, we work with estate appraisers who will give you an idea of the value.  Some will broker the sale and take a commission.
  • will buy estate sale jewelry, silverware, crystal and china. You can contact their buyers to see if your items can be sold.

Don’t be hurt if loved ones don’t want your belongings. Remember that there are generational shifts. To give items away, try, localized Buy Nothing groups on Facebook, and Craigslist Curb Alert.


These organizations will pick up donations from your home.

Community Service Fund at Camp Pendleton
Salvation Army
(800) 728-7825
(619) 225-2200 ext. 197
Father’s Joe
(619) 446-2100
(301) 459-9600
San Diego Rescue Mission
(619) 819-1793
Hope Services
(800) 936-0673
The Jewish Gift Closet
(858) 549-1877


Estate sales – This is a good option if you are moving out of the home, there is enough value and the home is conductive to holding one. Estate sale companies are often booked months in advance. Commissions run between 40-60%.

Garage sales – Consider whether the time is worth the return.

Liquidation/Buy-Out – A liquidator will clear what remains in the home. They sell what is saleable to offset the costs involved with packing and clearing out the home. This is usually the most cost effective option.

Online auctions – There are fewer restrictions than with an estate sale and if you manage it yourself, the fees are significantly less. Try for this.

Online apps –

  • Letgo: Best for quick sales
  • eBay: Best for big-ticket items
  • Facebook Marketplace: Best for reaching a wider audience
  • Nextdoor: Best for local sales
  • OfferUp: Best for buyers
  • CPlus for Craigslist: Also great for reaching a wider audience
  • Poshmark: Best for selling designer items
  • Tradesy: Also great for selling designer items

Hazardous Items

For hazardous materials and things that can not be donated or sold:

Paint Disposal – Paintcare offers a location finder site where you can dispose of old paint. These include places like Vista Paint, Sherwin Williams, and waste facilities around town. Type in your zip code to learn more.

Used Mattresses –

Batteries – All types of batteries are considered hazardous waste in California. You can look for battery recycling events or find a drop off location. Places like Lowes and Home Depot are on the list.

Medications – As a last resort, take medicines out of their original containers and then mix them with coffee grounds, kitty litter, or dirt. Doing so will make the medicine look less appealing to pets and children, and can also disguise the drugs from people going through the trash in search of prescription medicine. After you’ve mixed the medicine with an undesirable substance, put it in a sealable bag and throw it away. You can dispose of most medications except painkillers at police stations.

Ready to learn more? We would love to support you through your transition.  Connect with us and we’ll discuss your options with you.

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