Divorce Transitions

Guiding A Move During Divorce

Divorce is likely one of the most stressful life events you will experience. Couples face critical decisions about their future during an extremely emotional time. Learning through our own divorces, Silver Linings Transitions designed a comprehensive program to guide divorcing clients through an incredibly tough transition. Our team partner with Realtors who understand and are educated on the divorce process to help sell your marital house and get you completely settled into your new homes on your time line with minimal stress.

To make the adjustment easier, we recreate spaces including children’s rooms.  We can also help divide belongings in a neutral way and coordinate the move and packing/unpacking for one or both parties. We use color coordinated bins to easily organize simultaneous moves.

We can also provide you with important resources, such as referrals to divorce mediation professionals, CDFA’s (Certified Divorce Financial Analysts) marriage and family therapists, Divorce Coaches and other professional resources. 
Because we understand the divorce space and how stressful it is, we have earned both our CDC (Certified Divorce Coash Designation) and the Real Estate Divorce Specialists designation.  This helps us better assist our divorcing clients through all the aspects of moving and selling their home. 
There are tax and title implications for divorcing couples that are different than those who are married.


Six Step Solution to an Easy Transition

Selling or Staying? We’ll guide you through the decision about whether to sell or keep your home including pointing you towards resources you’ll need to gather the facts like lenders who specialize in divorce.  If you sell, we’ll refer you to one of our Realtor partners who has a Real Estate Divorce Designation and can work with both parties to design a proven marketing strategy to get you top dollar while being mindful of your privacy.
Space Planning – We work with you to find your new home and then we’ll help design the space. We’ll work with you to identify which furniture will go where and then incorporate it into your plan so we can recreate the feeling of “home”. 
Dividing Belongings – Working from the floor plans for your new home and utilizing a computer inventory tool, we help both parties divide cherished possessions in as non confrontational a way as possible. 
Sorting – We guide you gently through the sorting process mindful of what will realistically and safely fit in your new home.  We’ll use a labeling system for both parties and determine a plan for the items that neither party takes.
Setting Up – We’ll coordinate all the move logistics and do all the packing, unpacking, decorating and organization freeing you up to focus on other things. 
Getting You Settled –  On move day, you’ll come in to discover your new home.  We like to call it the “Big Reveal”. Afterwards, we’ll schedule a time to come back and walk you through your new home. We’ll make any adjustments we can so you feel “right” at home.  

Ready to learn more? We would love to support you through your transition.  Connect with us and we’ll discuss your options with you.

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