An Estate Sale Success Story

Last week we completed a small estate sale for a client who’d been offered $300 from a liquidator/buy out company to come into their home and clear the remaining items for the new buyer.
Not satisfied with the amount offered, they asked if we could do better.  Better netted the client an extra $2,450.  One of the factors the buyout company didn’t account for a was a BB Italia sofa set worth $5,000 which we discovered when researching their belongings to post the sale.
We offer flexibility for our client to set reserve prices and also find third party brokers to sell items when be believe they will sell better.
Silver Linings Transitions also helps clients when there are only a couple of items to sell by posting on the most appropriate platform and coordinating the sale and pick up.  We do storage units as well.
In order to produce the best results for our clients, we are premium members of and cross promote across multiple platforms.  We also promote on Facebook and do live Facebook promotions.
Offering online estate sales benefits our clients bottom line while offering peace of mind that cherished possessions can have new lives.  Clients can choose two options for estate sales – a commission based plan or they can choose to pay our hourly fee and retain the sales from the items sold.