Selling your Home and Moving to a Senior Community

Once you’ve decided to move to a senior community, we can help you every step of the way.  As senior move managers, we know what you’ll need and we’ll guide you through the entire process.  If you also have a home to sell, many of our services are included when you work with our Realtor partner Bryan Devore of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.

Here are a few examples of some of our clients stories:

Dona moved into her new home in an Oceanside senior community one week after shelter in place orders were given for seniors in San Diego.  Though she had to spend 14 days isolating in her apartment, she felt it was worth it.  Widowed for years, challenges from vertigo meant she’d fallen at home alone several times.

Dona was referred to us by Comron Yahyapour of Senior Care Assistance, a placement professional specializing in helping seniors identify the right communities for their individual needs.  Dona and Comron knew about a unique home selling program geared towards and seniors and met the Bryan Devore of the Devore Realty Group and San Diego based Silver Linings Transitions, a senior move management company.  Together they decided the best approach would be to sell Dona’s home “as is” and move quickly.  The home never went on the market.  Bryan Devore contacted several investors and the next day had multiple offers for Dona’s home.  The Silver Linings Transitions team worked with Dona creating a floor plan for her new home and helping her determine what she would take with her to her new home.  Ready for her fresh start, Dona’s favorite belongings were packed one day and the next day she was  completely unpacked, settled in and organized in her new one.  When she arrived home, there was a hot meal waiting for her and staff members there who could check on her regularly.

Dr. Don Lindburg is the man responsible for bringing the pandas to the San Diego Zoo.  After living in a three story house became challenging, he and his children realized he needed to make a move.  Karen Van Dyke with Senior Care By Design helped Don choose the right community for his lifestyle and introduced our team.  The Silver Linings Transitions worked with Don on the move, including recreating favorite spaces and displaying the panda memorabilia he’d collected through the years.  After he moved into his new home in Wesley Palms,  Silver Linings Transitions arranged to get the home emptied and Bryan worked with a renovation company to handle cosmetic updates the home needed to make it more appealing to a wider market.  Don Lindburg didn’t have to pay any out of pocket expenses for the renovations.  The first weekend the home went on the market, Bryan was able to present several competing offers to Dr. Lindburg over the sales price and well able to cover the renovation expenses.  

Combining the sale of the home with senior move services is a unique approach because it not only addresses all aspects of the move AND the sale of the home but because clients are offered options tailored to their individual needs.  

Richard lived in a beautiful Mt. Helix home with his mother for 30+ years.  When she passed away at 101, he was lonely and realized though he could take care of the home, he no longer wanted to.  He made the decision to go to Paradise Village and enjoy an active, care-free lifestyle. Richard and his mother traveled the world and collected mementoes from many trips.  There was no way he could bring all of them to a smaller space. Bryan Devore of the Devore Realty Group created a marketing plan to sell Richard’s home conventionally.  The Silver Linings Transitions team worked with Richard to identify which items he wanted to keep while staging the home for sale.  Once the home went into escrow,  our team created a floor plan for Richard’s new home, carefully packing his mementoes, coordinating the sale and donation of his unwanted items and then getting Richard comfortably settled into his new home.  Among the items Richard ketp was his kayak which he enjoys regularly.  As one of the younger residents of Paradise Village, he volunteers and participates fully in all the activities and amenities they offer.

Sandy and Lenny were in their home for 30+ years but due to health issues, getting up and down the stairs and maintaining the home became very challenging.  At the encouragement of their out of town daughters, we helped them make the move into Atria La Jolla before closing on their home. Sandy was reluctant to leave her “dream home” but knew she could no longer take care of the home and Lenny.  The house had fallen into disrepair so going the conventional route wasn’t the right option. Bryan brought in multiple buyers who would take the home in “as is” condition. They are now enjoying a much easier life and when health issues arise, they have a community of friends and professionals who can be an extra set of eyes.

Shelly and Lee were also in their home for 30+ years, though still healthy, they decided to make the move in anticipation of health concerns that come with advancing age.  We staged their home and put it on the market while they remained in the home for showings. After several weeks and no offers, Bryan suggested updating the home and putting it back on the market.  The couple moved into their new home and within one week, they received multiple offers well over their initial list price. 

Donna had a two bedroom townhome in Poway but as she was approaching retirement realized living in San Diego might not be the best option.  While visiting her sister in Florida, Covid hit and she reached out to Silver Linings Transitions.  We coordinated her entire move remotely so she never had to come back to San Diego.  We worked virtually to go through her home and pack all the things she’d want shipped to Florida.  We helped her secure bids for shipping and coordinated the move.  We staged the home using the items she had and Bryan put the home on the market.  After several weeks and no offers, Bryan suggested updating the home.  It took about two weeks and $35,000 to do the renovations.  The week the home went back on the market, Donna received multiple offers and ended up making $ more than she would have.

No two people are the same and our client experiences reflect this.  Each client has different financial situations and different stress tolerance.  Through our work as senior move managers and then our partnership with Devore Realty Group, the creative and numerous real estate options we offer are able to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Regardless of your financial situation, making a decision and moving forward regardless of pace is always the best decision because none of us have complete control over our health. We have had many clients say “I’m not ready” and put off a move only to have a catastrophic event take place and need to move when circumstances make it much more difficult. 

This begs the question, what is it you’re not “ready” for?  Studies show loneliness is a bigger health risk than smoking and having a purpose and being in community adds years to one’s life.

As in any life transition, your attitude predicts your success.